Perception is nine tenths of the law

Perhaps not 90%, but a large part of what we believe and practice is derived from social, cultural and denominational traditions, not the Bible. What we assume to be true takes the place of what God says is true, when instead we should be living our lives with the guiding light of scripture.

What you are about to read does not come from the pen of a particular denomination, or preacher, but from a Christian, who like Martin Luther read from the Bible and wondered why the teaching within was not being applied correctly or consistently by those that promote it most.

The aim of this discourse is not to cause upset or strife within the Church, but to encourage discussion and to educate fellow Christian on why they believe what they do, so that their life may have a more firm grounding in the Gospel. Finally if anything you read contains theological errors, or incorrect interpretation then bring it to us that we may learn and correct our mistake so as not to be stumbling block to others.

Andrew Gribben @grib