Andrew has always been fascinated by how people communicate with computers. He believes that when used responsibly, technology can empower users and change lives.

In the past 20 years Andrew has been a Software Developer, Teacher and Coffee Roaster (everyone needs a hobby) but it wasn’t until he began working in the field of digital accessibility that everything finally came together, leading him to work for one of the USA’s largest publishers. At HMH his knowledge of inclusive design, assistive technology and accessibility compliance saw him advising on the accessibility of educational products for partners such as Apple, Disney and Blackboard.

In 2019 Andrew formed Úir, named after an ancient Celtic symbol ᚛ᚒ᚜ meaning “from the ground” and has continued to consult with and provide training for companies around the world, helping them grow their knowledge of digital accessibility and create products that can be used by more people.

If you want to work with us too, please get in touch via our contact form.

Úir Consulting Ltd is registered in Northern Ireland as NI662497

Andrew Gribben @grib