Obel Tower

river-view_-obel Anyone visiting Belfast recently could hardly miss the construction going on along the banks of the Lagan. Rising above it all is the extremely tall and growing Obel Tower; here's what Wikipedia has to say:

The Obel Tower is a building currently under construction in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Costing £85 million and measuring 80.5 metres (265 ft) in height, the tower when completed is set to dominate the Belfast skyline. It will overtake the current tallest skyscraper in Ireland, Windsor House (80 m), also in Belfast. Developed by the Karl Group, the Obel Tower is located on Donegall Quay on the River Lagan beside the Lagan Weir.

My brother, Mark, an architecture student at UUJ, recently got a look around inside, here are a few of his photos. Just look at how small the other buildings are and he wasn't even at the top!

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Andrew Gribben @grib