Sorry for the Spam

spam-boyAnyone following my twitter feed (@grib) got a bit of a shock last night as they were bombarded by around 50 tweets, over a period of a few minutes. Sorry about that!

What happened was that I was trying to link a few social network sites together; I wanted photos posted to flickr to automatically create a blog post and then for the blog to send out a tweet. Sure you can do this with posterous, but any blog posts created have photos linked back to their site, not flickr.

Using RSS and the WP-O-Matic plugin I had planned for a new post to be created when new photos were added to flickr's RSS feed. But... I forgot I had the other plugin turned on, TwitterTools which automatically sends out a tweet for each post and you can image what happened.

So for anyone following me in various clients including SMS (@wiseguyrussell), I humbly ask for your forgiveness and promise that next time I'm working without enough sleep, I'll be more careful.

Andrew Gribben @grib