Cookie Monster

On some recent trip to Belfast's shiny new Apple Store, I took a walk down Anne Street (what is with the ugly half tile, have pot-holed tarmac street btw?) and found an absolute gem of a shop, The Cookie Box.
Now I know this blog is generally about coffee (or what passes as coffee) but to be honest I've never even tried any of the coffee there, because even walking past I was stopped in my tracks by the sights and smells of about a dozen different varieties of home made cookies. It's only a small shop, opposite Forbidden Planet, and most of the room is taken up by the kitchen, almost putting the counter on the street itself, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in taste. Crunchy but soft, gooey chocolate chips, oodles of butteryness making the cookies literally melt in your mouth. I'm sitting here and I can't even think of words to describe them, all that comes to mind, over and over again is the phrase:

Best. Cookies. Ever.

The owner works there and bakes the cookies himself. I know from my own experience how difficult working in that sort of environment can be so I wish him and his business all the possible success they can have. I for one will be back, again, next time I'm in Belfast and I think everyone else should too.

Go Cookie Man Go!

Andrew Gribben @grib