Peet's Cart

After working out I grabbed a cup of coffee from the Peet's stall in the hotel lobby, it wasn't great coffee but I was initially pleasantly surprised to see that the staff were undergoing retraining, right up to the point where I heard the trainer talking to the barista. This wasn't some young college kid, but an older Hispanic lady, who is very pleasant and upbeat, (although in Florida it's uncertain just how real the pleasantries really are). The trainer was a young well dressed White woman, whom I assume is from the local head office; I have ran, participated in and evaesdropped on enough Batista training sessions to know the way she was talking to this lady was in no way appropriate regardless of her competancy in making coffee. Talking down to and criticising someone to colleagues via the phone, infront of both the trainee herself and customers is wrong, there is nothing else to say about it. Hopefully she'll make it through the retraining and may I suggest the head office staff could do with some retraining on manners! Andrew

Andrew Gribben @grib