Wordpress for iPhone

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="203" caption="Burning Blackberries"]Burning Blackberries[/caption]I've been nearly two weeks since the arrival of my iPhone 3G, signified by the burning of effigies of blackberries throughout the country. And since that time I've been patiently waiting for a native Wordpress application that would rival the TypePad app; yesterday was to be that day, or was it. Although not quite as disappointed with it as @cimota, there still are bugs to be worked out, like why I had to reinstall my blog to get it to work. I'm also concerned with my comment on the support site is still unapproved, are they trying to hide their bugs?

Regardless I'll stick with it for a while yet, I'm hoping for a quantum leap in features for version 1.1, in the way that Facebook 1.1 improved on it's initial false start.


Andrew Gribben @grib