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Coffee on the cheap

Coffee on the cheap,
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I know the title of this post sounds like a new Starbucks' special, but it's really about saving money (not buying in Starbucks would be a good start) :-) At the moment there seems to be a lot less money to go around. Does that mean a lot less money to spend on "unnecesary luxuries" like a good cup of coffee?

Not so, making good coffee doesn't have to cost the earth, use a lot of electricity on fancy equipment or even create a mess. When we take coffee brewing back to its most simple form, you not only save money but you might actually find it tastes better too!

The photo attached shows you everything you need for a simple cup of "pour over" coffee; standard kitchen funnel, filter paper (or a mesh filter from a home coffee machine), coffee in an air tight container and a mug, all you need to add is hot water.

For one cup of coffee all you need is a desert spoon's worth of coarsely ground coffee (remember to only grind what you need, or use fresh pre-ground), put the paper filter in the funnel, add coffee and pour in your hot water, stir the grounds and add hot water until there is enough in your cup an thats it!

And it doesn't end there, anything left in the filter can be poured down the sink, helping keep your drain clear (yes coffee grounds are actually good for your pipes!) and the filter paper can be added to you compost pile if you have one. So there you go, you get a nice cup of coffee, save money, time and effort and help the environment too, what better way to start the day?


Andrew Gribben @grib