Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

I remember, at least I think I remember, (it could have been on televison), a time when staff in a shop were there to help and assist you, even if they were only after a sale. Fast-forward to the brave new world we live in and you'll find the majority of shop staff are no longer there to help you or their company; take a look around, most shop staff are under enthused, spoilt teenagers, who are only there to fund their weekend binge drinking/smoking/drugs/child support payments and have no interest in what they do because they can easily move another cushy seemingly brainless job with ease.

I'm not knocking all teenagers, nor am I saying the jobs are brainless, but it does seem that there are a lot of them and they really don't care. Whether it was the girl in subway who was disgusted and refused to put mayo on a meatball sub, the staff in Burtons who won't help you find a product, or the cafe worker who refuses to make a cappuccino cooler, because "that's how the machine does it" you all know who you are! If you find yourself reading this, no I am not a grumpy old man, but just think how you'd like to be treated in a shop, that's how you should be treating others. It's an age old ideal, but is as relevant today as ever.


Andrew Gribben @grib