BarCamp Belfast

I hope to attend BarCamp Belfast this month, held in QUB on 21st June. BarCamp, for anyone that doesn't know, is a sort of un-conference, where people gather together "to share and learn in an open environment." To take the concept one step further I think of it as an "analog" wiki of sorts. Attendees arrange among themselves, before hand and during the event, who will speak and on what topic. Its like a 21st Century Quaker IT meeting.

I think its a great idea for people in similar fields to meet together and share their knowledge, ideas and have a bit of craic. Just look around the Web (2.0) today and you can see so much openness, with open APIs allowing unparalleled integration of apps. Collaboration spurs innovation!

If you still dont' know what I'm talking about, Wikipedia is your friend.


Andrew Gribben @grib