I’m confused

Not just confused, but kinda dirty too. Why? Because I’ve just been in Starbucks and I really enjoyed it!

I popped in to the new Victoria Square store to make use of their wifi for wedding planning purposes, ordered my usual small cappuccino, not too hot. I made a point to ask them not to heat the milk too high as opposed to adding cold milk and to my surprised they had no problem sticking it to the man, so to speak. The result? A not half bad cup of coffee! (My Victoria Square review is still a work in progress so this is not a review.) Not only was the coffee good but they were some of the most friendly and talkative (in a good way) coffee shop staff I have met in a long time.

It’s such a good location too, lovely view, plenty if comfy seats, open wifi from somewhere nearby as well as their own t-mobile wifi and late openings. I have to say I really enjoyed myself and I’ve came to a shocking realisation of just how big a snob I am. Which makes it even more pleasing to find such gems in the rough. I for one will be back. (Until Clement’s start opening their York Street store late, that is)

Andrew Gribben @grib