@thetimtracker We had a episode rejected for using the word trial, as in “the trials of moving a church.” They don’t like you implying the episode is a test or demo and advise that you avoid epsiode numbers in the title; apparently they should be uniquely named ‍♂️

@JiminyPan I __think__ if you have Web Inspector switched on in iOS then iBooks will show as an inspection target in desktop Safari

It’s using the Atreus SCAD file, I’ve just made it bigger as I want something I can set on my lap and dock an iPad in

@stroughtonsmith @studioneat How is the lapability? At the moment I use a Brydge keyboard with a split mechanical keyboard stuck on top of it. It works but I get some really odd looks!

@manton am I doing replies to externally hosted blogs correctly? I have in-reply-to and external-url pointing to the original post and removed all other links from the content including @ mentions. Or should I include a link to their profile too?

Thank you! Yes, I actually went to a Quaker High School and have attended some services. Where I live now also has a lot of Quaker heritage and it definitely influences our services

I think it’s because I turn a reply into a link but then because that was a long post something went wrong with the truncation