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I drink books and make coffee... or something like that.




So what you’re saying is that your a cat

Have you thought about trying green contrast over silver paint for the sword?

Must not look at Prime Day deals...

I don’t think it’s always deliberate, for a traditional publisher it’s hard to get the importance of “tech standards” so a lot of the good work is invisible outside of dev circles

Hold on a second. Can I really not capture the display and audio from the new iPad Pro on a Mac? The 3.5mm audio dongles only seem to provide power through the USB-C port and I can't find any USB-C hubs. Do I need a dongle for my dongle 🤷🏻‍♂️

@JiminyPan Our legal team decided web font, but I don’t think it's ever been contested in court

Time to do an for Mastodon I guess. I'm from Northern Ireland, I'm been playing , specifically 40,000 since I was a kid and have recently (re?)discovered a love for video games, having pretty much ignored everything since N64. I'm a developer and digital specialist for a publisher, I occasionally at and I'm co-creator and producer for

Yep, though I'd be happy with either

Easier said than done 😂

Where are you supposed to put a lapel mic when the interviewee has a long beard? I'm guessing clipping it to the beard isn't an option?!🧔🏻 Recording @OrdinaryGCC brings a new fun challenge every time 😂

I’m not happy about how the sound turned out but our guest hosts were incredible and gave amazing insight into how we can help ourselves and others when suffering from mental health problems.

Posting to my blog from a Nokia 8110

@dwellbible I discovered your app last night and think it's amazing! I noticed an issue when Air-playing to HomePod, only the instrumental music plays

😀 🌍 📅

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@mjhagen They definitely do 😂

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It’s using the Atreus SCAD file, I’ve just made it bigger as I want something I can set on my lap and dock an iPad in

🤷🏻‍♂️ Can't seem to get Siri Shortcuts or the Shortcuts app to show commands where I ask Siri to play music to an Airplay 2 location

I wore a Warhammer 40K T-shirt to the gym and half way through a tough session with the Prowler my P.T. shouts “For the Emprah!” I laughed so hard I think I damaged something 😂🤣