@JiminyPan this is something that we were discussing/debating today too. If a Spanish ebook is used to support a non-native English speaker (in an English class) i posit that the lang attribute on the ereader should remain EN and the content be marked as ES

God Beyond Words – Communication and Intellectual Disability by Tiō Associates

@JiminyPan We only distribute our own ebooks, but some of that contains licensed material and didn’t need to be re-licensed for the web unless modified. It often had text as part of the image, causing a11y probs but to render as text needed modification, which used web fonts

@JiminyPan Our legal team decided web font, but I don’t think it’s ever been contested in court

@thetimtracker We had a episode rejected for using the word trial, as in “the trials of moving a church.” They don’t like you implying the episode is a test or demo and advise that you avoid epsiode numbers in the title; apparently they should be uniquely named ‍♂️

@JiminyPan I __think__ if you have Web Inspector switched on in iOS then iBooks will show as an inspection target in desktop Safari

Time to do an #introduction for Mastodon I guess. I’m from Northern Ireland, I’m been playing #wargames, specifically #Warhammer 40,000 since I was a kid and have recently (re?)discovered a love for video games, having pretty much ignored everything since N64.

I’m a developer and digital #accessibility specialist for a publisher, I #blog occasionally at and I’m co-creator and producer for