Orange Pride

Twice a year the streets of Belfast are filled with men in funny outfits, the cheer of families lining the parade route with loud music drowning out the shouts of protestors.

One of these events is the 12th July, “Orangefest”, the other Belfast Pride.

Ordinarily you’d never associate one with the other, but for someone like me who is involved in neither, they are strangely similar.

  • Both have fanatical a fan base
  • Both say they exist to defend and promote a cause
  • Both are billed as family events
  • Both are opposed, viloently in some case
  • Both see those with differing views to be bigots and haters
  • The only difference is that being gay is seen as cool and being orange, is not.

This is the point where you look for the “Report This User” button, go ahead it’s there somewhere. I wonder why you’d want to though. Why? Well just because I don’t want to be part of something doesn’t mean I hate you and just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.

Yea so Christianity hasn’t really helped itself over the last 2000 years and we’re probably just reaping what we’ve sown; the Orange Order is a pretty good example of this. That said I’m still allowed to have my own opinions, my own beliefs and choose whom and what I support. God help us all the day we loose that freedom.

For now, perhaps I should start my own parade, marching down Royal Avenue wearing a tinfoil hat. Who’s with me?

Andrew Gribben @grib