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I drink books and make coffee... or something like that.

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You say that to get Indigenous to show a title field I need to write over 280 characters, so here goes... I want to test this type of post as after some trouble with my Known installation I've been hacking on a replacement for the Status plugin so that I can have html content up to 280 characters long

Golden rule #1 - When you get something working, stop poking at it...

Sorry if I've been spamming anyone with web mentions this morning, I forgot to disconnect my feed before working on it!

I'm horrified to think of the number of photos that I, and my extended family, have shot into the ether over the years. At least I have some control over my content but it'll be a challenge explain concerns to others

Really want to finish the Caledonian Gambit but reading on my iPad is too distracting and can't find my Kindle, I know it's in the house somewhere; pretty sure it will still be charged when I find it!

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Tracked my problems down to Cloudflare DNS and a mismatch with http and https in some of my endpoints

After a few months of testing (and tears) I'm loving everything the Indieweb offers; the learning curve might be steep but the benefit is huge. That said I'm thankful for for "one-click" solutions like a hosted