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I drink books and make coffee... or something like that.




So what you’re saying is that your a cat

Have you thought about trying green contrast over silver paint for the sword?

Must not look at Prime Day deals...

I don’t think it’s always deliberate, for a traditional publisher it’s hard to get the importance of “tech standards” so a lot of the good work is invisible outside of dev circles

Reposted Autism NI's tweet
Don't miss tonight's @bbcnewsline report at 6.30pm. Listen in to hear what our @AutismNICEO has to say on the matter of Mandatory Autism Training for all Teaching Staff in Northern Ireland! Don't forget to sign our petition here 1f449.png

@rooronks Yes it was QuickTime I used too, display captured over USB-Lightning and 3.55 audio out into the soundcard. Now I can only do one of those at a time without some sort of USB-C port splitter/hub

Was @dmoren searching for a hub with multiple USB Type-C ports a few months back?

Hold on a second. Can I really not capture the display and audio from the new iPad Pro on a Mac? The 3.5mm audio dongles only seem to provide power through the USB-C port and I can't find any USB-C hubs. Do I need a dongle for my dongle 🤷🏻‍♂️

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No EPUBCheck, no EPUB!, by Luc Audrain

@JiminyPan this is something that we were discussing/debating today too. If a Spanish ebook is used to support a non-native English speaker (in an English class) i posit that the lang attribute on the ereader should remain EN and the content be marked as ES

@iSH_app Is there any way to change the default font?

Yes: God Beyond Words - Communication and Intellectual Disability by Tiō Associates

@JiminyPan We only distribute our own ebooks, but some of that contains licensed material and didn't need to be re-licensed for the web unless modified. It often had text as part of the image, causing a11y probs but to render as text needed modification, which used web fonts